We only ever powder coat when refurbishing alloy wheels. Wet spraying is a commonly used option by competitors but this method is simply cheap and inferior and will deteriorate within weeks. 
Step 1: The wheels are removed from the vehicle then tyres are removed from the alloys.

Step 2: The alloys are dipped in a Acid Bath and Shot blasted if necessary to ensure they are clean and contaminant free.

Step 3: The wheels are then inspected for cracks, buckles and imperfections. Customers are contacted at this point if anything dangerous is found. We repair buckles and cracks in house if your wheel is damaged unlike most our competitors who out source the work leading to a longer turn around time.

Step 4: The alloys are then filled and sanded to remove imperfections, kerb marks and any other sort of damage to the face.

Step 5: The alloys then go into the oven to bake ready to be powder coated.

Step 6: The alloys are then electronically charged and powder coated to a 'like-new' finish and left to cool.

Step 7: Tyres are then re-added using bead sealant to ensure there are no leaks. The wheels are also rebalanced to ensure they are safe and fit for road use. Once all checks are complete the alloys are then re-fitted to the vehicle ready for our customers to collect.

Refurbishing wheels to this standard allows us to offer a 12 month warranty from peeling and fading.

If you're interested in refurbishing your brake callipers please Call or WhatsApp on 07712 238329 and we'll be happy to assist.