In this guide we'll teach you exactly how to remove your old number plates & install your new number plates.

Identifying how your existing number plates are attached & removing:

Firstly, you'll need to remove your old number plates; your existing plates will most likely be attached in 1 of 3 ways:

- Stuck using Sticky Pads
- Screwed using self tapping screws
- Attached via a number plate holder

Depending on how your existing number plates are currently fixed will depend on how you remove them.

- Stuck using Sticky Pads: Using your fingertips give your number plates a good pull from either the left or righthand edge, usually you'll have around 5 sticky pads holding each plate on, although the first pad may need a good pull the rest tend to follow easier. Once your plate is removed you'll also want to remove any excess material from the old sticky pads, this can be done using a glue remover such as a tar & glue remover, white spirits, nail varnish or even vodka. Apply the glue remover and leave to sit for 2/3 minutes and then wipe away the broken down glue using a soft cloth to reveal a clean bumper ready for your new number plates to be installed.

- Screwed on using self tapping screws: Simply remove the screw caps using a flat headed screwdriver, this will reveal the number plate screws. If your in luck the screws will be in decent condition, if your screws are rusted they'll require a little more elbow grease to remove. Using either a flat bladed screwdriver or a Philips head screwdriver unscrew each screw, if the screw head is rusty and unusable then a set of plyers may be necessary to manually wind the screw from the bumper. Once unscrewed your plate will come away leaving a dusty/dirty bumper - please take the time to clean and dry your bumper - it's now ready for your new number plates to be installed.

- Attached via a number plate holder: The easiest removal of them all; simply unclick your plate from the holder holder - most plate holders work on a hinged system with a pinch lock bracket to open.

Applying your new number plates:

Once your plates have been removed it is essential you clean your bumper/surrounds and make sure they are dry. Failing to ensure your bumper/surround at this stage will cause your new number plates to fall off.

Every Dank number plate order arrives with 5 sticky pads for each new number plate, we also sell additional sticky pads separately under our accessories page.

Peel back one side of the 5 adhesive pads and evenly stick the pads on the first plate. For example [ |  |  |  |  | ]. After the pads are adhered to the plate, the top layer can be removed to prepare for adhesion to the vehicle. Please Note: Once stuck these plates won't easily come off the vehicle once they are attached, take special care to ensure that the plate is level and exactly how you want it. You also risk losing stickiness if you need to reapply. Make sure to apply firm pressure to the plates to ensure full adhesion once you are completely satisfied with them.

Pro Tip: Use a bit of low tack tape to create an outline around the original plate prior to removal, if you are concerned that you won't be able to get them straight or centre. Once the original has been taken off, you will know exactly where the new ones should go. After the new plate is firmly attached, simply peel the low tack tape outline from the vehicle.

Your new plates have now been installed successfully and most of all correctly. 

FAQ: Why can't I screw my number plates to my vehicle?

This is our most commonly asked question...You are welcome to screw your number plates to the vehicle however we do not recommend it unless absolutely necessary, usually to vehicles with a curved front bumper such as Mercedes A/C/E/S Classes.

The reason for this is because a screw will break through the acrylic plate and also through the reflective rear paper. Over time water will find it's way into these small holes and rust/decolouration will time you'll need to buy another number plate in order to keep your vehicle abiding by the DVLA's latest BSAU 145e specifications.

If you still have any further questions after reading this guide then please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or Telephone on 07712 238329. We're always here to support our customers.