Hello Traders, this pricelist is built to make your life easy! You simply take the order using the RRP prices in the list below and we'll do the rest.
Your customer can then either collect from our retail store or pay for additional postage. 


Postage Costs & Customer Collections:

24h Tracked & Signed - £11.95
48h Signed - £5.95

You are also welcome to collect the order yourself, we will be in contact with you once your order is available for collection.


Important Information For Our Trade Customers: 

Road Legal BSAU145e Compliant Plates:
You will need to take a form of 'Proof of Ownership' and 'Identification' from your customers should you want the plates to be fully road legal. These photo's will need to be emailed or sent via WhatsApp when you place your order with us.

Show Plates:
Proof of ownership is required to decrease the risk of plate cloning.

No plates will be made until the documents have been recieved.

You can find all accepted documents by following the link below (we'd advise printing this and placing it in your showroom/business space for ease):

Accepted Documents:
 Click here.



Prices are subject to change based on our suppliers prices fluctuating.

All prices below are subject to 20% VAT.

RRP Prices given below are what we charge in our retail stores.

** Complete Plates **

2D Printed Plates:

Single (Includes Sticky Pads) - £9.00 (RRP £12.50)
Set Of 2 (Includes Sticky Pads) - £16.00 (RRP £25.00)

3D Gel (Gloss Black) Plates:

Single (Includes Sticky Pads) - £16.00 (RRP £20.00)
Set Of 2 (Includes Sticky Pads) - £32.00 (RRP £40.00)

4D Acrylic (3mm)* Plates:

Single (Includes Sticky Pads) - £16.00 (RRP £20.00)
Set Of 2 (Includes Sticky Pads) - £32.00 (RRP £40.00)
*For 5mm Acrylic (Gloss Black) + £7.50 per plate (RRP £12.00)

4D Acrylic (3mm)* (Any Colour) With 3D Gel (Gloss Black) Plates:

Single (Includes Sticky Pads) - £27.00 (RRP £35.00)
Set Of 2 (Includes Sticky Pads) - £50.00 (RRP £65.00)
*For 5mm Acrylic (Gloss Black) + £7.50 per plate (RRP £12.00)

Additional Prices & Info:

The below prices are on top of standard prices quoted above...

Glitter + £7.00 per plate (RRP £10.00)
Carbon Fibre Gels + £7.00 per plate (RRP £10.00)

Shortened (Any Size) + £5.00 Per Plate (RRP £7.50)

Tinted + £5.00 Per Plate (RRP £10.00)
Tinted & Shortened + £10.00 Per Plate (RRP £17.50)

Lamborghini Shape + £7.50 Per Plate (RRP £12.00)
Range Rover/Japanese Import etc + £12.50 Per Plate (RRP £19.00)

Individual Business Logo Plates:

Background Colour Plus 1 Additional Colour + £30.00  (RRP £40.00)
Background Colour Plus 2 Additional Colours + £35.00  (RRP £50.00)
Background Colour Plus 3 Additional Colours + £40.00  (RRP £60.00)


** Raw Materials **

3M Reflective Backing Paper: £1.50
3M Acrylic Plate - 20" (520mm x 111mm): £2.50
3M Tinted Acrylic Plate - 20" (520mm x 111mm): £7.50
3M Shortened Acrylic Plate (Sizes: 13"/16"/18"): £5.00
3M Lamborghini Acrylic Plate (Sizes: 13"/16"/18"): £7.50
3M Shortened & Tinted Acrylic Plate (Sizes: 13"/16"/18"): £10.00
3M Lamborghini Tinted Acrylic Plate (Sizes: 13"/16"/18"): £12.50
3M Range Rover Acrylic Plate - 21" x 6" (Inc Paper): £12.50
3M Japanese Import Acrylic Plate - 13" x 7" (Inc Paper): £10.00
3M Motorbike Acrylic Plate - 9" x 7" (Inc Paper): £7.00
3M 3D Gel Letters (Gloss Black): £0.85
3M 3D Gel Letters (Glitter): £1.70
3M 3D Gel Letters (Carbon Fibre): £1.50
3M 3D Gel Letters (Crushed Carbon Fibre): £2.00
3M 3D Gel Letters (Ruby Red & Topaz Blue): £1.70
Acrylic 4D 3mm Letters (Gloss Black): £0.85
Acrylic 4D 3mm Letters (Coloured): £1.20


If we've missed anything or you need anymore information please email us or WhatsApp us on 07712 238329 and we'll be happy to help.